School Drawing I have been drawing since kindergarten and learned about painting during my higher education. I started out as an abstract painter, but decided I was better served working within the classical genres. This provided me with a rule against which to measure my progress and aided in improving my technical reach. My style eventually evolved into a mingling of my abstract tendencies with my representational work.

I will often take what can be termed as an In Medias Res point of view and create a dynamically balanced composition of a subject in legion. This concept of "the multitudes" serves to illustrate, among other things, the relationship of opposites such as the individual vs. the communal and randomness vs. order. This vehicle also functions as a unifying factor for my body of work.

Ultimately I paint to explore the notion of the great void and finding a way to express my sense of the eternal reality underlying the flux. This is a task of proving that which cannot be seen by what is. The inherent problem with this is that there is no tangible "solution". So my work is more a way of direct pointing. It is about setting up conditions and then making slight shifts in perception. My figurative work is concerned with ideas of identity and how that impacts our notions of humanity and the human condition. Together with my other motifs, it is a study of the various ways that life expresses itself. By throwing a net over a wide range of life's varied manifestations I have a better chance of finding evidence of this elusive idea while at the same time illustrating how everything is connected. It is a big question answered by a lot of little moments.

I believe the definition of an artist is to render the mundane sublime. By returning our focus on the moment we enrich life with the true value of experience, both common and uncommon. I may not succeed in my quest, but at the very least, I may create some dazzling failures that cleave to my vision of the world and what may lie beneath.